What is Termite Control Services?

Termite control services in Lahore are crucial for homeowners and commercial buildings. Termite ants can cause a lot of damage to homes and buildings by eating away at the wood and even damaging electrical wiring.

The Termite control services sector has been booming over the past few years as more people take care of their houses properly to avoid such parasite infestation.

Purpose of Termite and Pest control Services:

Termite control services are used to eliminate termites and their infestation. It is a process where the termite and its colonies are killed or controlled.

Termiticide: Termite control for residential homes and commercial buildings includes the use of termiticide, which is a chemical substance that kills termites.

Termite Control Services

Termite is a Type of Insects:

Termites are a type of insect that feed on plants and wood. They can cause structural damage to your house and can even spread diseases.

If you suspect that termites might be in your house, you should call in In4pestcontrol immediately. We will come and exterminate the termites, fix the damage they have done and prevent them from returning.

Termite control Lahore is one of the most common services offered by professionals of In4pestcontrol in Pakistan; it is crucial for homeowners to take care of their homes by calling for this service immediately after detecting any termite infestation.

What attracts termites in the house?

Termites are attracted to moisture and dampness. This includes wood, paper, fabric, wallpaper, and other organic materials. They typically do not like the scent of detergents or chemicals.

Professionals for Termite Control Services:

In4pestcontrol have the specialized professionals and giving best termite pest control services in Lahore, and we will use quality products / insecticides registered by WHO. The professional inspects the places, recognizes the infested areas and mainly identifies the species that are present to define the technique used in combat, selection of the product to be used and the appropriate equipment (such as high pressure termite sprayers, hypodermic needles and snails, a large pointed tool with a propeller-shaped tip for drilling holes in the wood), low-odor solvents and penetrating wood.

Three ways to determine the presence of termites in the area are:

When there are wings near the wooden objects, when there is brown dust, and when the wooden structure breaks easily. Insects attack these thin structure.

Firstly, we can reduce this by placing physical barrier that have material to a certain depth so no fluid can pass through it.

Secondly, we can add chemical fence that applies only after analyzing whether there is no water table at this point. Otherwise, groundwater polluting is unavoidable, handle the water tanks and pipelines with care. Inject Liquid insecticides into small holes throughout the infected area; which consists of treating woods. This way of preventing termites is very effective as it would not cause any threat or risk of environmental polluting.

Types of Termite Treatment:

  • Soil termites. Insects attack the wood near to the building and grounds. These insects make their nests on the electrical ducts without floor contacts and on slabs, lost coffins.
  • The connection between the colony and the food source (cellulose) is made by tunnels, even if they are meters away from the built-up area.
  • This whole process can cause a short circuit as they are spread over the entire construction and damage electrical cables, plugs, junction boxes, etc.
  • Tree termite, referring to the termite that builds its nests in trees. In houses, it is possible to find it onĀ  the roofs and plaster ceilings. Termites fills the structure through the ground or through tunnels. Human contact with the type of termite which ruins dry or damp wood, hard or soft manufactured or not (result of manual or mechanical work).

Steps to kill the Termites:

  • The first step in termiticide treatment is to kill the termites. This is done by introducing an active ingredient into the home’s soil.
  • The second step is to treat the structure, both inside and out, with a product that prevents further infestation. After that, you will need to seal off any openings or cracks that are left after treating the structure.
  • All of these processes can be done by an expert of IN4pestcontrol.

How much does termite control services cost?

Termite control services are comparatively more expensive than other ways of pest control. The cost of termite control services depends on the size of the infestation, the type of treatment needed, and the type of methods used.

Termite is an insect that lives in many types of moist places like woodlands, forests, gardens, and houses. They feed on organic matter like wood and plant material. This leads to their presence in homes or structures where they can cause extensive damage. Termite control services are needed when termites have caused structural damage in homes or structures in order to stop further issues from arising in the future.

To find out how much your home might cost with termite service please check these guides?

The termites are an invasive species that can spread quickly. If left untreated, termites can cause extensive damage to your home, leaving you with a lot of damage and high repair bills. Homeowners should be sure to get their house checked by professionals who are trained in the correct methods for finding out how much it will cost to get your home healthy again.

End of Termite Pest Control:

  • Do not take actions without communicating the pest controllers.
  • Do not use kerosene oil as many people believe in this chemicals for removing the insects.
  • It will be highly flammable and will cause damage if using chemicals without consultation.
  • Need regular inspection – CONTACT US | EMAIL US